Boredom Causes & Effect!


Lately I really need some space to think my life badly. Seriously,it's not related with anybody else. Sometimes..or maybe I could say my mind getting explode already?Or should I say, I'm gonna be crazy with what I did in every single day?What exactly I need! Oh ok some people said Boredom is an emotional state experienced when an individual is left without anything in particular to do, and not interested in their surroundings. Yeah this is true!

There are 3 types of boredom ( this is just my personal opinion, guys! Tiada berkenaan dengan yang hidup atau yang mati...^ ^ )
  1. We are prevented from engaging in some wanted activity like you really wanna go out with your bf or gf for having the others friend port luck but your parents asked you to stay and eat together with them at your house!tralalalalallalala...Gile punye contoh
  2. When we are forced to engage in some unwanted activity like you want to eat but at the same time your younger sister or brother shouted at you & asked you to look at your weight scale!hahaha.. ^ ^
  3. When we are simply unable - for no apparent reason to maintain engagement in any activity or what? have to stay at your house,having lunch & dinner with your family since they wanted to supervise your DIYET schedule....tralalalalalalala....
*Oh well..why those example are about EAT?MEAL?DIYET?hahahah..i'm bad...lagipun at the first corner been informed that there's not related with 'yang hidup atau yang mati' kannnn?tralalala

The interesting part (as per my conversation with one of my friend past two weeks.Yes,the day before I'm crying badly thru phone with my Mommmmm..kui2 ^ ^) - Boredom would be turned to clinical depression. Boredom and boredom proneness are both theoretically and empirically linked to depression and depressive symptoms. Oh My!This is bad. Really bad!Serious, I'm not joking with this part..Is my sentences before and before...past....doluuuu2 in my life is because I'm crazy & depression??Mommmmmm....I'm not!

Ok done!I'm ok more BOREDom..NO..Aiyem ok & happy in my life!yeahhhhh....

*what say You......

~Lara 30/12/12~


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